The Blackweir Tavern are CUFC's sponsors for 2017/18 and go-to locale for a post-training pub trip. Free food is supplied after Monday's training, live music after Friday's sessions.

We run a variety of socials throughout the year, from club nights to formal events:

Sat 7th October - Freshers Treasure Hunt

Weds 11th Oct - Social I - Activewear Sesh

Weds 25th Oct - Social II -

Thurs 9th Nov - Social III - Fencing Families

Sat 11th Nov - Welsh Open

Sat 18th Nov - Beginner's Competition

Weds 22nd Nov - Social IV -

Weds 6th Dec - Social V - Christmas Dinner

For more ideas about the social side of the club have a look at the Galleries.